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Sep 25 at 13:37
In the 90s of the last century, the Singapore Armed Forces attended to update the military equipment, in particular, small arms. The licensed version of the American M16 and its ...
Sep 25 at 12:54
Though the US armed forces took an automatic rifle M 14 as a new staff weapon in May 1957, a few months later the military under top secrecy announced a new tender for an infantr...
Sep 24 at 15:21
HK UMP is an excellent German weapon made from light polymer and cold forged steel. High accuracy and unparalleled reliability has made this German submachine gun suitable for re...
Sep 24 at 14:59
The American weapon producer TrackingPoint brought to the CES 2013 a prototype computerized sniper complex Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). According to Ars Technica, the complex ...
Sep 21 at 17:11
M82 (Model 82) is an anti-materiel rifle by Barrett Firearms Company. Today M82 rifle is in service with many armies in the world, including the US one. Semi-automatic anti-ma...
Sep 21 at 13:00
Characteristics: Weight, lb: 8/8.3 (G36) without clip/with an empty clip for 30 rounds Length, inch: 39/30 (G36) with decomposition/folded butt Barrel length, inch: 19 (G36) Widt...
Sep 21 at 12:30
US Navy Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle is the US marksman rifle, designed by the US Navy forces for special operations on the basis of the M14 rifle. It is used alongside with the...
Sep 19 at 16:43
NATO .30 calibers were designed on the basis of automatic rifle Heckler-Koch HK416 0.224 calibers NATO. Development of a rifle NK 417 was launched in 2005 on the experience of th...
Sep 19 at 15:16
Optional equipment includes a carabineer clip: The under-barrel grenade launcher M203 (40mm) The device laser target illumination and targeting AN / PEQ-2 Reticle type ACOG (o...
Sep 19 at 13:07
M4 (Carbine, 5.56 mm: M4) is a US automatic machine gun created based on the M16A2 originally for weapons crews of combat vehicles and engineering calculations. However, the Uni...