5 best new baby strollers for 2017

The range of baby strollers is crazy today, the parents are literally lost in the assortment of this indispensable helper. You can see classic models, 2 in 1, 3 in 1, transformers and simple riding models. Nowadays transformers are the most popular pick, as it is multi-functional and takes the needed shape simply and quickly. However, we have made an essential and thorough research on the broad range of baby strollers available for 2017 and chose 5 best in our honest opinion.
5 best new baby strollers for 2017

TOP-5 Baby Strollers for 2017
We have included different pricing options, so people with different budget can find something suitable for their baby having decent characteristics and reasonable pricing.

Inglesina Sofia Ergo Bike — # 1
5 best new baby strollers for 2017
The first place took this Italian baby stroller. It allows your baby to sleep peacefully no matter what road is under the wheels. It is folded with one move and is quite compact only 36.60" high. The Inglesina manufacturer is respectable and famous one that provides the best materials for the safety of a child and convenience of a parent. It is made of light-weight materials, so it is easy to lift it up if needed. It has patented single-action folding system, and can adjust to almost everything that you can imagine.

BeBe-Mobile Toscana — # 2
5 best new baby strollers for 2017
This stroller was a real hit among parents, due to its bold design. The manufacturer paid attention not only to the design, but also to ventilation, amortization system, and the materials.
The model is 2 in 1, it is easy to ride, and designed for babies from 0 to 3 years. You will be impressed by the broad and unusual color range which lets us choose the stroller for a boy and a girl and to be outstanding.

Camarelo Carmela —# 3
5 best new baby strollers for 2017
The baby stroller is suitable for kids up to 4 y.0. It is the most universal one among the models in our list. It is great for uneven roads, freezing winter and hot summer. It can be both bassinet and fully-functional baby stroller. Though it looks small, it is quite spacious inside. The weight of the model is 24 pounds which is quite comfortable and firm.

CAM Dinamico — # 4
5 best new baby strollers for 2017
Very comfortable model for a newborn. It is 3 in 1, as it can be a bassinet, car sit and a stroller. The set includes: Hood + bumper bar, storage basket, cup holder, sleeve rest, raincover, features for carrycot and car seat. The price starts from 750$.

Adamex Barletta — # 5
5 best new baby strollers for 2017
The price is about 500$. The position of the child can be made to face the parent. The set includes comfortable mattress made of hypoallergenic materials. The body of the stroller has a fixation mechanism that keep the stroller folded when it is needed. The front wheels have 365 degrees rotation. The weight of the stroller is 25 lbs.
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