Spinners: What Are They For?

Spinners: What They Are

Spinners: What Are They For?

Fidget spinner is a anti-stress toy, or literally “a toy for fidgets”. It appeared in the USA and quickly gathered popularity in Europe. The device is very simple –bearing with different design bodies. The operating principle is very similar to a top. A toy is driven by rotating the wings and it starts spinning. The movement can be a long-lasting. In fact such toy can be made yourself. Vibration from the bearing brings calming effect.

The gadget obviously is popular not only among kids, but adults use spinner to de-stress and call it “a must-have office toy”. Why do office workers need spinner? It helps to calm down no worse than smoking, so cigarettes face new rival. Spinner can ease the muscle tension. As for kids, it is a really good toy to develop motor skills, reduce tension and improve concentration level. Moreover, spinner can help kids to abandon nail biting.

However, everything has both bright and dark sides. Although the top does not have small details, it can break up, and a kid can down such details. Thus, this toy is not recommended for small kids.

How to use spinner?

Spinners: What Are They For?

It is now time to determine how to use spinner. Some people like to spin something in hands – a pen, pencil, rosary. The easiest way is to hold for bearing by thumb and index finger and spin it by other hand. High-skilled masters can spin it with a middle finger of the same hand. The toy can spin for a long period of time in such position, while you can just relax or talk on phone. It is fascinating to watch stunning movement of spinner, especially those with flashing wings. During that time you receive magic positive booster.

The mind is doing gymnastics while you are watching for the toy – it switches on senses.

Types of spinners

There are huge amount of various spinners, with new models appearing almost every day. They can be flashing, luminous, with sound and of different materials: titan, copper, yellow metal, steel and plastics. Many of them can spin for about 2 minutes. The most popular toy has three wings and spins longer. It is used for different tricks.

Triangle – the most popular form. Spinning time – 2 minutes on average. It fits for tricks. Round spinners can be simple for little kids and more complicated model with counterweights, spinning faster and longer. Rectangular is a “nothing extra” model – just two wings.

Shuriken looks like a ninja weapon. Edges can be sharp or with bizzare form.

Luminous spinner provokes huge emotions and positive. It creates a flashing circle while spinning in the dark thanks to special covering. It is enough to hold a toy under the light to charge.

Spinners: What Are They For?


Plastics are the most popular material used in mass production. Some models are printed on 3D printers. In general these are variants of home-made production. The different with factory production is finned surface. Factory models are more expensive and have more attractive design. Better quality and assembling result in longer spinning.

Wooden spinners are long-livers. They are eco and unique. Metal spinners have considerable life span and are reliable. The metal can be aluminium, yellow metal. Stainless models are the most expensive.

Spinners are gaining popularity day by day. This can be explained easily – simple toy, eye-catching spinning and great virtue.

Spinners: What Are They For?

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