7 best audiobooks ever made

7. Plain Tales from the Hills by Rudyard Kipling
read by Martin Jarvis
7 best audiobooks ever made
Plain Tales from the Hills evokes a touchy, sensitive, often joyful picture of India. These rich and full notes of the British people in India and the way of life there were originally made for 'The Civil and Military Gazette' where the author wrote as a journalist in the end of the nineteenth century. It is amazing that Kipling created these detailed and loved by many people works before he was 22 y.o. and they vividly depict his talent as a storyteller whose words and voice have became eternal classics.

6. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
read by William Roberts
7 best audiobooks ever made
The book which is a synonym of curiosity, it really tells you about everything in the world...briefly and simply. It is very useful for us to know interesting facts from different areas in life, and this book is a treasury of such facts. In other words it is a life-saving books in situations when you need to add something to support a dull dialogue.

5.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J K Rowling
read by Stephen Fry
7 best audiobooks ever made
The book that immerses you into the magical atmosphere of the Harry Potter world. You are probably a fan of this series and this audiobook can be your company when you have to take a long drive and want to distract from the problems of the long day. Also, it is an amazing book to listen when your lids are with you, it works as a bedtime story.

4. Brighton Rock by Graham Greene
read by Samuel West
7 best audiobooks ever made
"Brighton rock" - the complicated story of a little boy Pinkie Brown who hates the whole world. He is the leader of a youth gang in Brighton. Under the Green's pen the story turns into a cruel and clever meditation on the nature of good and evil, about guilt and innocence, about the way up and the price you have to pay for success. Pinkie is absolutely flawed and dares to question the moral standards of society. The most interesting is that his viewpoint often seems very grounded.

3.Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck
read by Peter Marinker
7 best audiobooks ever made
A travel essay by John Steinbeck, released in 1962. The book describes a road trip in the United States made by Steinbeck with a French poodle named Charley in 1960. He said that the reason for such journey was a desire to see the country and rediscover it for himself, as a long time resident of new York he hasn't been anywhere for a long. Undertaking this trip, Steinbeck hoped to find the answer to many questions, and the main among them: what are the Americans today like ?

2. The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
read by Richard Morant
7 best audiobooks ever made
The plot of the new novel by Julian Barnes can be compared to a snowball which being a snowflake, went on a journey having no clue about consequences. Balanced plot helps the author smoothly blend in philosophical thoughts on rather trivial topics like life and death, responsibility, sin and repentance, giving reader no chance to get bored. The intricacies of human relationships are harmoniously intertwined.

1. The Spire by William Golding
read by Benedict Cumberbatch
7 best audiobooks ever made
The novel by William Golding is the culmination of his work both from the point of view of ideological content and artistic creativity. Action takes place in the English town of the XIV century, reality and myth are blended even more than in 'Lord of the flies'. In 'The Spire' Golding re-investigates the essence of human nature and the problem of evil.
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