World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Yachts and jets are definitely right choice for a long trip, but for joy ride to mainland or a hop downtown, it should be taken the means offering quicker traveling, and the private execute helicopters will be the perfect for this task. From large cabins equipped with vibration control to in-seat entertainment systems and plush furnishings, there are 10 helicopters with all required services.

Sikorsky S-76D Executive Helicopter
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

This is one of the most popular mid-sized helicopters for executive transport. Sikorsky S-76D Executive Helicopter can take up to 8 passengers in extra-quiet cabin. The company has developed its unique technology – QuietZone, applied to the gearbox and transmission, which reduces the interior noise levels. The helicopter is powered by two reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engines reaching 178 mph speed, with the range of some 540 miles. There are options for colors and amenities for cabin comfort – entertainment systems; tinted windows; ultra-leather or ultra-suede upholstery for the interior panels; and wood veneers, metal, or leather for decorative details. The price is some $15 million.

Sikorsky S-92 Executive Helicopter
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Considering its size and power, Sikorsky S-92 Executive Helicopter is very often used for demands of offshore oil rigs, though private buyers can also take it for executive transport.
The cabin is more than 128 sq ft of floor space and can take up to passengers. The S-92 is a tried-and-true choice for heads of state as well as corporate and private operators thanks to its high performance, comfort and liability. active vibration-control system is engaged with sensors and force generators that boost comfort during bumpy flights . The range is up to 629 miles; top speed – 174 mph. The price is some $26.9 million.

Bell 429WLG
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

This is the company’s top twin-engine machine for executive transport. Bell 429WLG is equipped with landing gear providing easy option to pick up or drop off passengers; if the gear is retracted in flight, the helicopter gets additional 5 knots by eliminating drag. The helicopter’s all-composite external skin is lighter than aluminum and provides cleaner aerodynamics for added efficiency. Bell 429WLG can take up to seven passengers; the range is up to 473 miles, with top speed at 177 mph. The price is about $6.17 million

Bell 407GXP
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

The four-bladed Bell 407GXP with a single Rolls-Royce turbine engine is a good option for private transport. It offers spacious seating for five passengers (and one more can be taken in case of a single-pilot ride). The cabin noise is lowered by QuietCruise kit. The cabin is equipped with Garmin G1000H flight deck includes synthetic vision as well as warning systems for traffic and terrain. The range is 387 miles, with top speed at 160 mph. the price is some $3 million.

Bell 206L4
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

The smallest helicopter of Bell company – Bell 206L4 – offers enough space for 6 passengers. The cabin is designed with wide-open club seating and patented system for a smooth ride. The L4’s range is 374 miles, with top speed 144 mph. the price is some $2.6 million.

Airbus AS365N3+
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Airbus AS365N3+ has become very popular in the world. The N3+ posted more than 800 flying in 60 countries and 5 million flight hours. The civilian model – the Dauphin – is capable of taking up 12 passengers in VIP cabin. It is powered with twin-engine and has medium weight. Its main feature is ability to fly in extreme conditions – high heat and high altitude. The range is 573 miles with top speed 178 mph. The price is some $10.65 million.

Airbus H145
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Another twin-engine Airbus H145 is smaller in size, but its cabin is spacious enough. The seats can be readjusted to take up to 8 passengers. There are some options for interior – Stylence package providing highly functional area or leather-and-wood by Mersedes-Benz Style for more luxury. The range is 507 miles with speed at 150 mph. The price is some $8.65 million.

Airbus H120
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

This is best choice for travelers requiring heli transport, Airbus H120 with single engine is compact and economical transport variant. The cabin can take 4 passengers and has plenty of space for boarding and exiting, and sufficient legroom. The H120 features Fenestron shrouded tail rotor for an extra edge of safety and efficiency; its integrated vehicle-and-engine multifunction display reduces pilot workload. The range is 440 miles with speed at 138 mph. The price is some $2.09 million.

Leonardo AW109 Power
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Leonardo AW109 Power is powered by two Pratt & Whitney turbine engines reaching the speed of 177 mph. The AW109 offers enough space for 6 passengers. With bespoke interior, big windows and sufficient storage space, it provides a comfortable ride for 579 miles. The AW109 series has been flying since the 1970s in various models, with the 109 Power version introduced in 1997. AgustaWestland helicopters are produced by Rome-based Leonardo since the start of this year. The price is $6.55 million.

Leonardo AW109 GrandNew
World’s Top Executive-Transport Helicopters

Those who liked the AW109, but want more space should take Leonardo AW109 GrandNew, launched in 2010. Its cabin is 2.5 inches wider and made of high-quality materials. The pilots use the latest global navigation satellite system to fly in any weather. The travel range is 534 miles with speed at 180 mph. The price is some $8.55 million.
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