The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful. Not only their design is getting better, but also their functionality. In this compilation we are trying to suggest you the best smartphones, as we think, that you may buy in 2017.

The smartphones we are going to talk about were released at the end of 2016 or are to be released at the beginning of 2017.

Flagman smartphones in 2017

Speciications of the smartphones below were got from different sources and may differ from the real ones. But still, it is unknown for sure what these smartphones will look like.

The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

On the top of our list we have Samsung Galaxy S8. After having created Samsung Galaxy S7, the company probably decided to release a better version Samsung Galaxy S8. The device will be equipped with some of the best functions of the previous model. The design of S7 is not so special and unique, so maybe there will be some differences with S8. This phone will utilize OS Android 7.0, processor Snapdragon 840 with 6 gb of RAM, 5G, video 4k and 5,5-inch display.

The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

There are rumors about the release of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The devices are certainly will be more powerful, but the design probably won’t be special. There will be chipset A10 and IOS 11.

The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

The model LG G5 was demonstrated at the MWC. And it is expected to get LG G6 soon. We may suppose that the next model will appear this spring. We also suggest that the company will concentrate on cameras as usual. New innovative technologies will probably be employed in design creation. The phone may feature the Snapdragon 830 processor and 26 megapixel-camera.

The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

There are rumors that the next Nexus smartphone will be created by HTC. There is no proved info about specifications, but it may be supposed that the phone won’t be very expensive.

The Best Smartphones You May Have in 2017

This model is expected to be released soon, but no one knows when exactly.The main feature of this phone may be its waterproofness. The probable specifications are OS Android 7.0, chipset Snapdragon 830, 30 megapixel-camera and 6 GB of RAM.
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