Some facts about tennis

If you are a professional tennis player, an amateur or you are just a fan of this sport, you might like the following information about it.

Some facts about tennis

A similar game with a little ball appeared in ancient Roma or Greece? However a ball was beat by hands or sticks. In the 11-12 th centuries in Italy, players hit balls with a wooden shield.

The first ball
Some facts about tennis

At first tennis balls were wooden, later they were made from leather filling them with wool, sawdust or dry animal guts. To be hit by such a ball was pretty dangerous.

Sport and leisure

Even a true athlete needs some rest. International Tennis Academy provides several resorts for players.

Tennis and religion
In Spain just like in ancient Egypt for a long time tennis existed like a religious custom. Church tried to ban this game and only after four centuries all prohibitions were dismissed.

Some facts about tennis

Formally, an English mayor Walter Wingfield was a founder of tennis. In 1874, he invented and patented a game called “sphairistike” which later will be called “tennis”. The game was shifted from indoors to outdoors.
At that time due to cure it became possible to make gum balls that could bounce off any surface. English elite liked the game immediately. The Wimbledon Tournament has taken place since 1877.

Balls nowadays
Some facts about tennis

Bright yellow color was not used before. Balls used to be black and white corresponding to the court. This bright noticeable coloring appeared only in 1972. Every year 300 millions of balls are produced.


At the dawn of tennis the scoring depended on the hand of the clock. The hand was shifted on a quarter. Now for scoring numbers like 0, 15, 30 and 40 are used. The number 45 disappeared within time.
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