Some of the most expensive toys in the world

Nowadays good toys of high quality cost pretty much and some rare samples created by famous masters many years ago have very high prices. Collectors are ready to pay big sums for unique dolls, teddy bears, cars, etc. Here you will find some toys whose price is unbelievable.

Toy train by Märklin. $179 140
Some of the most expensive toys in the world

A toy train made by the Märklin company in 1906 was sold at the Christie’s auction in South Kensington for $179 140. This huge train used to exhaust real steam and it has a fist-class car, a dining car with a porch a car for smokers with a luggage compartment. The train was supposed to decorate a showcase of a toy store for customer attraction.

G.I. Joe. $200 000
Some of the most expensive toys in the world

An original toy soldier G.I. Joe was the first sample in a line of toy soldiers produced in 1964 by the Hasbro Company. These soldiers look pretty realistic and could move legs and arms. These toys became very popular among kids and even became characters of cartoons and comics.

Porcelain doll by Albert Marquet. $263 000
Some of the most expensive toys in the world

A porcelain doll created by famous French doll maker Albert Marquet in the beginning of the 20 th century. The doll was sold at the Theriault’s auction in Atlanta in 2009 for $263 000. It was demonstrated at first in 1915 at the doll exhibition in Paris. Most dolls wre made by Albert Marquet and most of them were sold immediately.

Barbie by Stefano Canturi. $302 500
Some of the most expensive toys in the world

The most expensive doll in the world was made in 2007 by a famous company Mattel in cooperation with a designer Stefano Canturi. Dressed in an elegant black dress the doll wears an exclusive diamond necklace by Canturi with a unique pink diamond mined in Australa. On the right hand Barbie wears a diamond ring. The designer also worked over the doll’s makeup and hairstyle. Right after the official presentation in Sydney the doll was delivered to New York where it was sold at the Christie’s auction for $302 200. Money was given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
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