Apartment in "loft" style

Loft is relatively new design solution in the interior design, which became the result of the movement for the preservation of industrial architecture, the revival of old abandoned warehouses and factories and turning them into homes without partition wall, but with many space and light. The loft features involve huge windows, high ceilings and open spaces. Initially empty abandoned building was chosen by bohemians, especially artists and architects in these areas could not only live, but also work actively and even exhibit their work. The loft style gradually spreads to the usual modern apartments. So, if visiting a colleague or friend, you see, for example, an old wooden chaise longue in front of a bare bricks and empty windows, a wide plasma TV on the wall, worn leather furniture or vintage sewing machine next to the glass and metal display case – shelves, you can be sure you're in an apartment in a loft style.

Apartment in 'loft' style

Of course, the loft is ideal for conversion of an abandoned warehouse into the spacious apartments with a free design, but today, with the right approach it can be used for the compact city apartment with a free lay-out or a stylish country house. The main thing to remember: "loft" style is a combination of the spirit of antiquity in the interior (wood weathered floor, brick or plaster walls) and modern metropolis (used in glass finishing, metal, equipment-the-art audio and video technology, an innovative combination of modern and antique furniture ). Today, the loft is widely used in modern business centers, restaurants, and cafes.

Apartment in 'loft' style

Who would like the loft style:

1. Youth – a loft like no other style expresses their way of life, the desire for originality and freedom, opposition to popular and mass;
2. Designers, architects, and artists – it is easy to organize presentations, exhibitions and galleries, bohemian parties and receptions exhibition in such interior;
3. Owners of a spacious property with a free layout – there are no unnecessary walls and partitions, windows and high ceilings, creating a great option for the realization of the design in the loft;
4. Thrifty people not prepared for high costs to repair the apartment, because of the interior design of loft-style lives on the principle the simpler the better (but, in spite of the simple materials, the only combination of housing will give your style and uniqueness). The apartment in the loft style is radically different from the standard of the modern apartment.

Apartment in 'loft' style
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