Mojito cocktail

Mojito cocktail

Mojito is a cocktail made of white rum and leaves of mint, which came from Cuba. There is nonalcoholic and alcoholic Mojito cocktail. The last one traditionally consists of 6 ingredients: rum, lime, sugar, mint, soda water and ice, but some of them can be replaced (soda water by Sprite, for instance).

The lime and mint have made Mojito one of the summer’s most popular cocktails. Also, this drink is so popular due to the fact that it’s quite easy to prepare it at home. And that’s why I would like to share the recipe of Mojito.

To prepare one portion of Mojito cocktail, you'll need:
- 1 lime;
- 5-7 sprigs of mint;
- 0,1pt of white rum;
- 0,04pt of sugar syrup or 3-4 teaspoons of sugar;
- soda water;
- Sprite;
- ice.

Mojito cocktail

How to prepare Mojito:
1. Take the lime and cut it in half. Then take the half of the lime and cut it again into 4 pieces. The second half of this fruit is designated to decorate the cocktail.

2. Wash the sprigs of mint and separate its leaves from sprigs.

3. Put the mint into cooled glass and crush it until you feel the strong aroma of the herb. Add the pieces of lime and crush them too until the juice appears.

4. Add the white rum and the sugar syrup. If you haven’t the last one, you can add sugar, but in this case, you also need to add a soda water and mix them good until the sugar completely dissolves.

5. Pound ice and pour it into the glass.

6. Mix it carefully, add cooled Sprite and soda water.

7. Decorate Mojito cocktail with the sprig of mint and the piece of lime.

Mojito cocktail

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