Castles of Prague

If you are an architect nerd or love ancient castles, then your first thought would be to go to England or Germany. However, many people avoid the Czech Republic where there are lots of things to see. This tiny country has so many castles that you need to visit. Here you will find out about some of them.

Kost Castle
Castles of Prague

Unlike to other castles in Prague, Kost is not located high on the hill. On the contrary, the castle was built inside the forest which could protect from potential enemies. The castle’s name means “bone” describing its walls like “tough as a bone”. The Kost castle was built in 1370 and is considered to be the best preserved gothic castle in the Czech Republic. Nowadays you can go on a tour and see lots of peculiarities including a torture chamber. The castle also organizes cultural activities like medieval knight tournament.

Kokořín Castle
Castles of Prague

Located on the high hill with a view on the Kokořín valley the castle was built in 1320. For centuries in this place various noble families lived. Today you may enjoy excursions around the whole construction including a terrace inside the castle. Paying more you can get higher on a castle’s tower and enjoy the magnificent view.

Český Šternberk Castle
Castles of Prague

This immense castle is located on a high bank and provides a great view over the river Sazava and the village of the same name. Some people suggest it is the best preserved medieval castles in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in 1241 and belongs to the Sternberg family.

Zvikov Castle
Castles of Prague

This Zvikov castle is located on a hill and it was built in the 13 th century you can see two rivers junctions and a marvelous view over it.

Křivoklát Castle
Castles of Prague

While approaching to this impressive castle you will think that you are getting in a fairytale. This magnificent castle was used for several movies shooting.
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