Exploring Dubai Outskirts

Outward-looking Dubai with world-class restaurants and widest opportunities for shopping can entrap tourists for a long period of time, but everyone will need a rest from a large city and change of environment after a while. Hopefully, the main sights of interest and popular cities of the UAE are in a 1-day trip from Dubai. This a list of 8 places to visit near Dubai. A great contrast between skyscrapers of the metropolis and sand dunes can be felt during the desert safari. If you decide to stay in a city, Abu-Dhabi can offer you a number of interesting sights, including Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The city of Al Ain with its museums will lure fans of culture.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the main modern sightseeing of the UAE. This is an epic win of the modern architecture, united with traditional Arabic design and skills. The Mosque is rich in ornament of marble, gold, ceramics and crystals in combination of several traditional styles symbolizing all ages of Arabic empire. The Mosque in 80 mi away from Dubai is standing out with 80 cupolas, the world’s largest Persian carpet crafted by 1,200 rugmakers and 7 giant chandeliers with the biggest one weighing 12 tonne. All these create impressive effect of luxury and excellent mastery. The Mosque excursions can be taken from 9 am till 10 pm on Saturday-Thursday and from 4:30 pm till 10 pm on Friday. The first president of the UAE Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is buried behind the first building. The Mosque is named after him.

Desert Safari
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

Desert safari is one of the key points in the travel-list of most tourists. There are numerous options for safari to wild areas of Emirati desert in Dubai, who want to experience the real adventure. A camel trip is softer way to explore the wild views, but safari by offroaders will take you far away from the city and see more amenities. The majority of tours from Dubai involve visiting huge dunes near the city, where you can try extreme entertainments. An adrenalin rush is guaranteed by rollercoaster on sand waves. Most of safari operators offer sandboarding (sand surfing) and dune cycling.

Musandam Governorate
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

The Musandam Governorate, 120 mi away from Dubai, is a beautiful place to respite from loud metropolis, This region is famous for its dreadfully picturesque rocky coast, submerging in the Arab Gulf. Being similar to Norway’s fiords, Musandam is often called “Arabic fiords”, but these mountains actually resulted from movements of tectonic plates, rather than glaciers. The best start point for a travel is Oman’s Khasab. Dolphins will definitely appear while your trip and a stopover will be made on Telegraph Island that used to be a British telegraph station on London-Karachi route. Ruins of the station remain on the island.

Al Ain
Exploring Dubai Outskirts
Al Ain known as the Garden City is a good destination for outskirts exploration in Dubai. It is located 99 mi away from Dubai. Culture and history lovers will like this place for numerous museums, restored forts and the Bronze Age excavation sites. Al Jahili Fort hosts the oldest Emirati museum – Al Ain Museum with the collection of Emirati archeological and ethnographic items. The museum collection of Al Ain Palace is exposed in the old residence of the first UAE's president and contains the gallery of art with traditional household items. Hili Archaeological Park is also worth visiting. Hili dates from the 3rd century BCE. These extensive areas were home for the Bronze Age culture – Umm al-Nar. Al Ain zoo with numerous rare species will be right choice for family leisure.

Wadi Adventure
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

You can really get tired from the city heat. And Wadi Adventure theme park, 95 mi away from Dubai, is a good variant to cool down and have fun. The park offers kayaking, rafting, wakeboarding and other artificial rides just as well as the real ones. There are ropeways, assault courses and swimming pools to relax after active entertainment. Rafting route covers more than a mile, while swimming pool for surfing is safe for novice, willing to master this sport. Wadi Adventure will be perfect for family leisure, including teenagers and younger children.

Al Hajar Mountains
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

The Al Hajar Mountains in eastern UAE and northeastern Oman are the great natural sightseeing of Dubai. Meandering mountain passes opens a panoramic view on the desert and cliffs, while large number of rare species of animals and birds will delight the eye. Small remote villages in the mountains are the exact opposite of Dubai. The most popular stopover is Hatta village, which fully restored according to the original plan. Travelers learn about traditional life of Al Hajar, visiting museum and rebuilt houses. Another Al Hajar sightseeing is Masafi village with scenic market, where excellent crafted items, including clay pots and carpets, can be bought.

Exploring Dubai Outskirts

Fujairah in 103 mi away from Dubai integrates nature and history. The brick-made Al Badiyah Mosque is the oldest mosque in the UAE, estimated to date to the 15th century. An outstanding cultural site of the UAE – Fujairah fort – is located near the modern city of Fujairah. The fort was an important communicative center and military outpost in the 16th century and is part of restored in its original form Fujairah village, displaying local rural life in early centuries. Besides, Fujairah beaches are considered as one of the best in the UAE. The coast along the Gulf of Oman is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Ferrari World
Exploring Dubai Outskirts

This theme park offers more than just a display of luxury cars. Ferrari World is advertised as the biggest indoors theme park in the world. It includes rollercoasters, Formula-1 tracks and even recreated Italian plant for luxury car production. The section for children is devoted to cars, like Ferrari museum. Visitors have an exceptional chance to try the fastest rollercoaster in the world with up to 150 mph speed. Ferrari World is located 70 mi away from Dubai on Yas Island in Abu-Dhabi.
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