Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Shining Dubai – the most popular tourist destination in the UAE. The city of skyscrapers and malls has appeared just over few decades. The key sightseeing involves Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and malls with giant aquariums and indoor ski runs. Dubai also has cultural and historic monuments.

Burj Khalifa
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

The 2,722 ft skyscraper is the tallest building in the world. Visitors mostly want to reach a sky deck on 124th floor, which provides the most incredible views of the city. Before the visiting, tourists watch the multimedia presentation about the history of construction completed in 2010. The deck opens a 360 degree view of the desert from one side and ocean from another one. Night visiting is very popular among photographers, willing to make night Dubai photos. A ticket should be bought in advance. Burj Khalifa is surrounded by beautiful gardens and numerous water structures, including Dubai fountain – the highest dancing fountain, designed in line with that in Bellagio, Las-Vegas.

Dubai Museum

The museum is located in the Al Fahidi fortress built in 1787 to protect Dubai Creek. The walls are traditionally made of coral blocks clamped by lime. The upper floor is supported by wooden poles, while the ceiling is made of palm-leaves, mud and gesso. The fortress was the residence of ruling family, the government, military post and prison. After restoration in 1971 and 1995, the fortress became the key museum of the city. It displays old maps of UAE and Dubai, proving massive expansion of the cities after the oil boom.

Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Inner court had several traditional boats and a house of palm-leaf with wind tower. The right hall of the museum is devoted to weapons and the left one – musical instruments. Other halls cover different aspects of traditional way of living in the UAE, including pearl fishery and Bedu life in the desert as well as objects from tombs dated 3,000-4,000 years ago that were found during exploration at Al Qusais. Location: Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai

Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya was built in end-19th century for wealthy Persian traders, mostly dealing with pearls and textile. Dubai attracted them by access to Dubai Creek rather tax-free trading. Al Bastakiya lies on the eastern part of Bur Dubai with traditional coral-lime buildings. Wind towers are maintained at most of the buildings, being the early forms of air conditioning. Persian traders probably brought this element (common for Iranian coastal buildings) to Dubai from their native countries.

Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Alleys with traditional Arabic houses summons memories from the back. There is Majlis gallery with collection of traditional Arabic ceramics and furniture as well as Gallery XVA of modern art.

Sheikh Saeedal-Maktoum's House

Sheikh Saeedal-Maktoum ruled Dubai from 1921 to 1958. His residence was restored and turned into a museum, being the bright example of Arabia architecture. The original house was built by Sheikh Saeed’s father in 1896 and then destroyed. There are 30 rooms with gypsum air grid and multicolor geometrical ornaments.

Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Visitors will see historical photos and documents of Dubai with numerous old city photos between 1948 and 1953, including chronicles of pearl fishing and boat production. The collection also includes mane letters, coins and printed confirmation of Emirate development. The museum is opened from 8:30 a.m. till 8:30 p.m. during the whole week.

Dubai Creek
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Dubai Creek gulf divides the city in to two parts – from Deira on the north and Bur Dubai on the south. The stream played an important role in the city growth, luring settlers, including fishers and pearl fishers. Small villages along the gulf were observed here back 4,000 years, while the modern era began in 1830s after Baniyas clan settled in the region. A boat station was located at the coast of Dubai Creek, north to Al Maktoum Bridge. Small traders and guides keep using the traditional Dou boats to move via the channel, like 100 years ago.

Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Jumeirah is the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. It is a copy of Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt’s Cairo. Jumeirah, a good example of Islamic architecture, is built in line with the medieval Fatimids’ tradition with two prayer towers and amazing brickwork. This place is more attractive at nighttime, lightened with wide trails of light. The Center of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid arranges excursions in the Mosque for more understanding of the Islam. A tour begins at 10:00 a.m. daily, except for Friday.

Deira markets
Deira is lying on the north shore of Dubai Creek, with streets feature mixing of different nations. For tourists Deira is the best known for its traditional markets. Golden market of Deira is considered as the largest golden market in the world, so Dubai got the name – “The City of Gold”.

Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Jewelries are available in numerous variants and designs, from traditional to modern style. Deira market for species offers species of all sorts – caraway, pepper, saffron, etc. The market was built in 1830s with wooden arches and wind towers.

Sheikh Zayed Road
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road is the main highway in the modern business district of Dubai. The 8-traffic lane road is surrounded with skyscrapers and interesting places of Dubai, including Court yard gallery with collection of modern pieces of art by Arabic masters. The World Trading Center in Dubai has a viewing point at the upper floor, providing visitors with panoramic view. The Golden and Diamond parks on the road is a cross functional complex (118 producers and 30 retailers) for jewelry lovers.

Bastakiya Mosque
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Bastakiya Mosque is barely the largest and most important mosque in the UAE, but it is definitely one of the most camera-friendly. This beautiful small mosque is characterized by elegant details of interiors and shining white façade. The ruins of Dubai city walls dated to mid-19th can be found near the mosque.

Dubai Heritage Village
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Architectural, cultural and maritime heritage of Dubai can be discovered in Dubai Heritage Village. Visitors can learn about the pearl fishing and dhow boat construction – two historic foundations of old Dubai economics. The village allows taking part in traditional Bedu village life, with Persian houses, traditional cafés and small markets, where potters and weavers sell handicrafts.

Aquarium of Dubai
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

One of the key sights of the city is Aquarium of Dubai with 140 species of sea animals. This is a huge tank on the first floor of Dubai mall. There is also undersea zoo and walk through the aquarium tunnels. Aquarium of Dubai is in the list of the world’s largest aquariums.

Dubai Mall
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Dubai Mall is the key trading center of the city leading to Burj Khalifa and Aquarium of Dubai. The complex also involves ice rink, playing area and cinema. There are numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, with regular special events, live concerts and fashion show. The most famous are the Shipping Festival in January-February and Summer Festival in July and August.

Burj al-Arab
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Burj al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel (1,053 ft in height) is lying on its own artificial island from Dubai beach. It looks like a surging sail of the dhow boat, while at night the hotel's facade is illuminated with special light shows. This architectural project impresses at any point, being one of the top-priced hotels in the world. The cost is more than $15,000 t per night in suite apartment. There are underwater restaurant Al-Mahara with glass panels and Skyview Bar (27th floor) providing a great view of the city.

Jumeirah Beach
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

This is the number on beach destination for guests in Dubai. Luxury resorts are lying along the line. The perfect Jumeirah Beach with large number of lounges, restaurants and water sport operators offers various entertainments, including jet ski riding. Location: Jumeirah Beach Road.

Mall of the Emirates
Top-15 sightseeing attractions of Dubai

Mall of the Emirates is one of the best known malls of the city with amazing SkiDubai resort inside it. This is a complete ski run with chairlifts and real penguins; the temperature is kept at 24.5 degree F. The mall has also a cinema complex and family entertainment center, while shopping is unlimited. Restaurants offer meals of any cuisine of the world.
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